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Photo Survey (From Tikoy)

*** I got this from Tikoy. Just found it interesting so I gave it a try. Ü

  • Answer the questions below.
  • Take each answer and type it into Google.
  • Take a picture from the first page of results and post.
  • You can’t copy the answers of the person who posted this before you.
1. The age I will be this coming birthday. 22
2. A place I’d like to travel or go to. Palawan
3. My favorite place. Movie Theater
4. My favorite food. Choco Mucho (been very crazy with this lately)

5. My favorite animal. Fish

6. My favorite color. Green and Orange

7. First name of my significant other. I’m single :p
8. The town/city on which you live/grew up. San Francisco, Agusan del Sur
9. My screen/nickname. Wa

10. My first job. Tutor

11. My bad habit. Laziness

12. My worst fear. Failure