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Light Play (The Second Burst)


I did this set last March 8. But it was only this afternoon that I found “free time” to edit them. For those who haven’t seen the first burst, click here to view it.

I have to thank my roomie EJ for this. I used his little light-emitting somethings for this (and I didn’t ask permission beforehand, hehe. But I told him naman after. Ü)

It was fun doing this. Although the lights are a little bright than I wanted them to be, it still produced quite an awesome set. Enjoy! Ü

Check the complete set at Ü




Yes, we did it till evening. hehe. These photos are taken in the latter part of our Sunday adventure.

Wag nyong tingnan ng full resolution, daming noise. Di ko nakita sa monitor ko eh. :p

Visit for complete set. Ü