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Half Empty (Photo Essay)

*** This is my first, so forgive the roughness.  Yeah, I know, cornball. hehe


I learned about photo essays from someone in my network.  That was a long long time ago pa.  I only had a chance to make one last Sunday, I didn’t have much to do.

Actually, I still have some fireworks photos to edit, but then, nakakatamad ang photoshop. hehe.  200+ photos (to be posted soon) nakuha ko sa fireworks display that ended the month long “Komedya” celebration ng UP, at di ko pa napagpilian, so gumawa na lang muna ako ng photo essay. hehe

About the photo essay, this is one of my emo moments. ampf.  So, to all emos out there, Wawen is ❤ haha toink

Visit for complete set. Ü


Hating The Irony Of Loving

You have to set the one you love free for them to be totally yours.

The tighter you hold on to someone, the possibility of losing her increases.

You only realize how much you love someone when she’s already gone.

Silence speaks more than words.

Becoming “one” means growing more as individuals.

^ ^