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Interesting Stumbles

Yesterday, I rediscovered the joy of stumbling. Ü

Since the wifi connection in my room is pretty stable, and since I was again procrastinating, I revisited and I rediscovered why I was hooked with it for some time before. Here are some of the interesting stumbles that I found.

Doodles, etc.

Scribbler – First, you have to draw lines (random or not), and then, let the program scribble on your drawing. The result is an interesting art. Ü

Picasso – With this site, you can create your own Picasso.

Paint – Just move the pointer of the mouse over the page and you can create doodles – beautiful paintbrush strokes the size and color of which you can vary, and it even blots.

Typorganism – Ever wonder how people create images out of keyboard characters, this site will help you create one.

On Drugs And Other Addictions

Mouse – See how common addictive drugs affect our system illustrated through mice.

Spider – See how a spider weaves its web when it is high.

Shoelace – Tired of your shoelace, here’s 30 patterns from which you can choose from if ever you decide to change how you tie your shoelace.

Rotor House – An innovative design for a bachelor pad.

Writer’s Block – You’ll never have a writer’s block again with the help of this site

Quotes – Get quotes about friendship, life, success, and other topics here.

Music – An interesting music created by mixing pretty ordinary sounds.