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The Spiderwick Chronicles

The other day’s (Feb 28’s) was one of the lazy afternoons I’ve been having lately. So I texted a friend, a movie buddy, just to say hi. And he replied that their classes was just suspended because of J Lo (not the popstar, I’m talking about the rockstar, Jun Lozada. haha. para kasing rockstar na may campus tour :p). And what would movie buffs do to kill one painful afternoon? Yes, you guessed right, we dined out (don’t tell me you did’t figure that out haha).The original plan was to watch Jumper. However, I read several bad reviews about the movie and my buddy also did. So there was no argument that we won’t be watching it anymore. Instead, we opt to watch The Spiderwick Chronicles since we’ve read good reviews about it. We watched it at a cinema in The Block, SM North EDSA since it’s not shown in Trinoma yet (ampf, and to my dismay, it actually costs more in The Block).

Anyway, about the movie… I liked it. It brought back the child in me (I never grew up I guess, hehe). It has a unique touch to it that separates it from any other fantasy movies I’ve seen so far. Maybe because the movie was based on a good book by Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi who introduced such interesting characters. Or maybe because the movie can boast of a very unique visuals and CGIs.

The story was very captivating; there was never a dull moment in almost an hour and a half of fun and suspense. It was full of interesting twists and a very unique didn’t-see-it-coming climax. And witty humor adds flavor to the well written script.

However, the movie fails in its acting department. Although I would commend Freddie Highmore for giving a distinct characterization for both the Grace twins. But all in all, the movie is good enough to make you believe in the world of fairies, ogres and goblins all over again. A movie for kids and kids at heart alike.