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A Civil Action

I wrote this review for an optional submission for my CE 197.  The subject is about the technical aspects of groundwater contamination.  However, the review that I wrote tackles more of the creative aspects of the moive.  Our teacher said we could write anything about the movie, that’s why.  Haha

The movie, based on a true story, is about Jan Schlichtmann, a lawyer listed as one of Boston’s most eligible bachelors, and his fall. Contrary to what I expected, the movie didn’t really center on the groundwater contamination issue, instead it revolved around Schlichtmann’s character as he took on the case involving drinking water contamination filed against two companies – J. Riley Leather Co. and Grace Corp.

Initially, Schlichtmann took on the case just for the money. But eventually, his heart softened as he was attached to the children who have leukemia and those who died with it. The leukemia “outbreak” in the children of New England was said caused by the Trichloroethylene (TCE) contamination of the water source of this town.

Now, about the movie – it was a bore. I’ve seen a lot of legal drama, a lot of them is good actually, but this one is probably the stalest; it lacked conflict (well, there was conflict, but it seemed forced to me), it lacked interesting characters and, most horrible of all, it lacked direction (I didn’t know if the producers want it to be a legal drama, a bio-flick, or pro-environment movie not until the latter part of the movie).

I didn’t like the lighting. The script was so-so. The cinematography was terrible. Musical score was not effective. And the actors, their performances were not outstanding (I’d even say that John Travolta, himself, was confused with the character that he is playing).