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8 Out Of 80 Aint Bad (Post-Oscars Rant)

I happened to catch the Academy Awards on ABS-CBN last week – and again last Sunday.  For the benefit of those who haven’t seen the 80th Oscars, it had tributes to past winners all over the program – for the past Best Supporting Actor and Actress, for Best Actor and Actress, Best Director, and lastly for Best Picture (it even had a tribute for “Binoculars and Periscopes” and “Nightmares” haha).

The video clip for the tribute to the past Best Picture winners included all the past winners since 1927.  And while they were at it, I counted the Best Pictures that I’ve already seen.  Sadly, I only counted eight, and these are

West Side Story

The Sound of Music



A Beautiful Mind


The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

The Departed

I didn’t include Shakespeare in Love, Titanic, and Forrest Gump in my count since I really didn’t finish them – Titanic had sex scenes so it’s off limits to us kids back then, also, I only caught Shakespeare in Love and Forrest Gump on cable TV and if it’s cable, you really can’t stay on a single channel.

Interestingly, 50% of them are musicals, primarily because my parents only allowed this genre, along with cartoons, to be shown in our house when we were young.

My new goal in life?  To watch as much, if not all, Oscars Best Pictures – and I’ll start with Million Dollar Baby that will shown on Studio 23 this Saturday. Ü


Blog Visits: Their Places Of Origin

As you may have noticed, I embedded that little counter that is marked “sitemeter” last week (last Feb 18, I guess).  Its job is to keep track of the hits of my page as well as the average time a visitor spends in your page among others.  It also has some interesting features one of them is that it can map the hits by location.

As I checked my sitemeter again earlier, I saw some pretty interesting places where the (last 100) hits are coming from.  And these are:

1.   Singapore
Nigeria – Abuja, Abuja Capital Territory
Germany – Jork, Niedersachsen
Netherlands – Rijswijk, Zuid-Holland
Canada – Victoria, British Columbia
Indonesia – Jayapura, Papua
Netherlands – Eindhoven, Noord-Brabant
United Arab Emirates – Dubai, Dubayy
Mexico – Mexico, Distrito Federal
Indonesia – Jakarta, Jawa Barat
Thailand – Bangkok, Krung Thep
United States
India – Bombay, Maharashtra

So, Africa, Asia, N America and Europe are represented.  That’s pretty okay but pales when compared to the hits of my wordpress account.

1.   Denmark – Vrlse, Kobenhavn
United States – Oceanside, California
United Kingdom
United States – Lowell, Massachusetts
United States – Chicago, Illinois
Austria – Vienna, Wien
United States – Orland Park, Illinois
8.   United States – Los Angeles, California
United States – Brooklyn, New York
India – New Delhi, Delhi
United Arab Emirates – Dubai, Dubayy
Argentina – Lans, Buenos Aires
United States – Gainesville, Florida
United States – Orem, Utah
United States – Richmond, Virginia
16. United States – Tucson, Arizona
Netherlands – Wassenaar, Zuid-Holland
United States – Washington, District of Columbia
19. United States – Los Angeles, California
United Kingdom – Horsham, West Sussex
Norway – Bod, Nordland
Hong Kong – Central District
Netherlands – Ridderkerk, Zuid-Holland
Australia – Sydney, New South Wales
United States – Fombell, Pennsylvania
26. United States – Beverly, Massachusetts
Ireland – Bray, Wicklow
United States – Mead, Washington
United States – Dallas, Texas
United States – Schaumburg, Illinois
India – New Delhi, Delhi
United Kingdom – London, London, City of
33. India – Madras, Tamil Nadu
Poland – Warsaw, Warszawa
Japan – Nakama, Fukuoka
United States – Redwood City, California
United Kingdom – Plymouth.
United Kingdom – Thatcham, Berkshire
Australia – Melbourne, Victoria

For my wordpress account, hits are coming from , Asia, N America, S America, Australia and Europe.  Aw, my wordpress account has a more diverse audience.  However, my multiply account is the one with more daily average visitors. ÜÜ

I’m Tired Of My Now

I’m tired of my blogging and posting,
Of my multiply and wordpress account-tracking.

I’m tired of having a lot of free time and doing nothing
Because I end up spending a lot and not sleeping.

I’m tired of being single.  I’m tired of being rejected.
Of being left alone and being dejected.

I’m tired of hearing calls for Arroyo ouster.
We need serious housecleaning than just booting her.

I’m tired of Erap and his cronies!
What a bunch of phonies!

I’m tired of the civil society, the business sector, the leftist and the religious.
If they’re so smart, why not propose concrete, long-term solutions to issues?

I’m tired of my now.  I’m afraid of my future.
I need to feel assured, I need to feel secure.

100th Blog!

So cool! This is my 100th blog!

And to commemorate this milestone, I’m posting a catalogue of my multiply blogs! Some of them are repost, some are crap, but most are my very own meaningful compositions. hehe

To the readers of my blogs, thank you and I hope you won’t get tired of my whining :p

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***dahil nagloloko ang multiply pag masyadong maraming links sa isang blog, tinangal ko na lang mga links… puntahan nyo na lang ang “blogs” page ko para makita ang mga dati kong posts. Ü.

Possessed: An I-Have-An-Exam-Tomorrow-But-I’m-Too-Cocky-To-Review Post

Weird. My PC’s CD drive is possessed. It suddenly popped open with nobody touching it. A moment later, it closed. And then several seconds after, it popped open again. I waited for it to close, but several minutes later, it’s still open, and so I manually closed it. Yet again, it opened as if somebody’s playing a prank on me. But then, I was alone when this happened – my roommate wasn’t around. Imagine my horror upon seeing my CPU with the CD drive open; suddenly it looked like it had evil blood-shot eyes and sticking its tongue out. So, I didn’t touch it.

Eventually, it strained its jaw muscles so it withdrew its tongue once again. But the spirit that has possessed my CPU was relentless; it just didn’t stop and enjoyed my casual cursing and sudden jolts of paranoia every time it sticks out its tongue dripping with reeking fluid from hell. (haha, biglang naging fiction :p)

Will We Ever See An End?

We’re Not The Customers Here

(this blog is lifted from, an enlightening thought on network wars)

The thing we have to understand about network television is that audiences are not the customers; we’re the product.

Which explains everything: from the lowest common denominator mentality to cheap production values to the obsession with ratings. Network television operates to get as many eyeballs as possible in order to sell this to advertisers for as high a price as possible.

Television shows, in the words of scriptwriter Larry Brody, are simply bait.

They’re there to make sure that the people turn on their sets and watch at certain times of day. Noontime shows, which used to be musical variety, have become game shows with sexy dancing girls. It’s the cheapest way to pack a studio with balikbayans, get viewers to watch (and text in), and fill up two hours. No ideas required aside from the original game concepts.

They’re there to make sure we watch the commercials in between instead of zipping or zapping. Teleseryes don’t have bumper screens anymore. The seconds saved are sold as ad space and, perhaps more importantly, the viewers dare not look away even during the break lest they miss something.

So the consumer rants about product quality don’t really register with the networks. We’re not the ones buying (remember, it’s free), we’re the ones being sold.