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21 Things About Me

It’s my day today! Ü

I’ve been thinking about this day for the whole week and about what I would be posting in my blog just to make this day a little special: 21 Life Lessons, 21 Realizations, 21 Most Special Persons List, 21 etc. But instead, I ended up with this blog, another spur of the moment thing, another impulsive thing from me (hehe).

But first, I would like to thank God, above all, for lending me this very precious life. I want to thank my parents for always understanding, for always forgiving. To my sisters, Leah and Gila, thank you for everything, I know I’m not as thoughtful as you both are but I’m trying to be the best kuya (hehe).

Also, salamat sa friends ko: true friends, AGGRE friends, online friends, friends of friends pati. Ü Thank you for being part of and adding color to my life. Ü

So, yun na yun. hehe. Tapos, the following are some random things about me (wah, boring to).

1. I’m scared of dogs. Big, brawling, barking dogs. So, if you’re planning of giving me one, it must be a chihuahua or any other toy dogs.

2. I used to be scared of the dark. I can’t sleep when it’s already later than 10 pm. The noises, scratches, and creaks at night just give me the creeps.

3. I can play the flute: the only musical instrument that I can handle

4. I like fantasy-themed movies and futuristic movies. And lastly, cartoon movies (is that what you call them? or simply cartoons? hehe).

5. I like novels involving conspiracy plots. The Firm must be my favorite.

6. I like puzzles. Not the word puzzles, but the puzzle puzzles. Sudoku, minesweeper, jigsaw, etc.

7. I like sea food. I got it from my mom who was born and raised in Bohol. Crabs, shrimps, squids, and sea shells.

8. I keep a inventory of my clothes. Sounds OC, but I use them to check if my laundry woman gives me back everything that I give her to launder.

9. I own a DSLR (obviously, haha), currently my most prized possession.

10. I used to consider medicine as a profession, but after seeing a surgery on TV (on Discovery channel I think) where they cut a man open, I realized that medicine is not for me.

11. We, me and my parents, didn’t really plan for me to study in UP. It was unexpected, totally. I took the UPCAT just for the experience, me and classmates didn’t even prepare for the exams. I’m ambivalent about this though, kasi if I ended up studying in ADDU, which was the original plan, I would’ve had my own house with my own help to do the chores for me. haha

(Yes! We’re already halfway through!)

12. I keep two friendster accounts, two YM accounts, and many other e-mail accounts.

13. I don’t believe in horoscope, or any other “predictions” but I still enjoy reading them.

14. I starved myself back in grade 6. The thing is kasi, I had these relatives who kept on pointing out that I’m getting fatter, bigger each time I see them. So, I decided to reduce my rice serving after some time (for them to stop nagging about my weight). So yun, pumayat ako, but the nagging didn’t stop (now they’re nagging that I’m too thin daw. haha).

15. I never learned how to study and do research back in high school. Cramming was my method. I only learned to really study after receiving a 2.25 from my Math 17 prof (she was a member of the “Power Rangers”). And the reward? I received a 1.0 from my Math 53 prof (an original member of “Voltes V”), to make it sweeter, the next highest grade she gave was 2.0… Haha, which leads me to…

16. Mayabang ako. Minsan, pag may topak. But I’m mayabang in a nice way. And also know when and where to get mayabang. I’m not mayabang without consideration.ÜÜÜ

17. Junk food used to be a part of my staple. I used to have three meals a day: I skip breakfast so it’s lunch, dinner, and junk time. But then, after “the incident” (the one I wrote in my previous blog) I already stopped eating junks.

18. I envy students with courses related to the digital art: VisComm, Multimedia Arts, etc. I want to pursue that path eh, pero for now, hobby-hobby muna. Ü

19. I love watching NatGeo and Discovery. Must love science.

20. I love staying at home. We were trained not to be lakwatsero. Pero, ewan ko lang ngayon. hehe.

21. Wah, wala akong maisip. Kung kelan last item na! Uhm, eto na lang: I want to try new things ang explore new horizons. Life is precious and I want to enjoy every second of it.Ü

*** At sa matatamaan: Stop sending mixed signals. Di ko na maintindihan ano ang dapat kong isipin… haha 😛