W, W, W, Dot – From Paul

***Copied this from Paul:

Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following. They have to be real places, names, and things. Nothing made up! Try to use different answers if the person who answered the survey before you had the same initial letter. You CAN’T use your name for the boy/girl name question.

1.Your name: Warren

2.Four words: Wicked, Wise, Weird, Wacky :p

3.State/country:  Wisconsin

4.Boy Name: Wally 

5.Girl Name: Winona

6.Occupation:  Wrestler

7.Word that describes you the best: Willy :p

8.Something you can wear: Washed jeans

9.Something found in a kitchen: Worcestershire sauce

11.Something you shout: WOW!

12.Something you do at school: Whine

13.Name of a friend: Wowee? Dog namin dati na nakaka-trauma. ampf

14.Name of an animal: Whale

15.Name of a drink: Water hahaha.  Whisky na lang pala.

16.Name of a holiday: Winter break? haha. World AIDS Day? ampf

17.Name of a subject in school:  Water Resource Engineering, World Literature

18.Name of a cousin: Wala talaga :p

19.Name of a fast food chain:  Wendy’s hahaha, natawa talaga kami ng roommate ko.

20.Name of a person you’re crushing or had a crush on: Wala rin :p

21.Name of a food you like: Wrap-around, hotdog na binalot ng bacon

22.Name of a food you do not like: Watermelon na mapakla. haha, W pa rin yan

23.Name of a kid’s toy: Water gun. yahoo, saya ng W, water, world, very universal. haha

24.Name of a flowering plant: Waling-waling. Aw, may nakakaalam ba nun? hehe

25.Name of a shopping mall:  West, SM – other name ng North Edsa, SM. haha

26.Name of a person you like: Wala. Wala masyadong “W” na tao sa buhay ko.

27.Name of a person you dislike:  Wala.  Aw, ang kulit.

28.Name of a place in your school: Waiting Area

29.Name of an object in front of you:  Wax

30.Name of an electronic device: Walkman Phone :p

31.Name of a color: White?

32.Name of a tourist spot: Waterfalls

33.Name of your classmate: Warren.  Meron talaga, a batch higher nga lang.

34.Brand of a car: WolksVagen. hahaha

36.Name of a candy: White Chocolate

37.Name of a book: World Almanac

38.Name of a cellphone brand: Wony Ericsson. haha. Wodafone, haha ung japanese

39.Name of a sickness: Weariness. haha.  Waardenburg syndrome type 1, 2,  2A, 2B, 3, 4 sabi ng Wiki.

40.Name of a kind of fish: White salmon – haha

41. Make a sentence with at least 6 words starting with your first letter name only.
Why would Wally wrestle with Winona? haha nice nice


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