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Dissecting Butterflies

My friend Cath introduced me to the song Sleeps With Butterflies by Tori Amos. I’m using it in my page for some time now, but it is only of late that I chanced upon the lyrics of the song. And to my surprise, I somehow connected with the lyrics. :p So I decided to write an article about it for the hopeless romantic persons out there. :p

The song talks about a girl who “only sleeps with butterflies” – butterflies pertain to the ones she love. And the one she loves is very independent of her and very free-spirited; in fact she likes guys that are like that,

“I’m not, but I like rivers that rush in.”

This song reveals completely how to love a person who is busy with his career or one that has a very demanding life – actually, this applies to all relationships.

“Is there trouble ahead
For you the acrobat?
I won’t push you unless you have a net.”

We see, the girl realizes that there are times that her lover has other important things to mind. Therefore, at times like this, she does not demand a lot from her lover. She does not cling to much to him and she gives him space – one of the most important aspects in a relationship.

“I don’t hold on
To the tail of your kite.”

Instead, she just lets him be and do what he needs to do and she tries to be part of his life, to blend in.

Take you away again.
Are you flying
Above where we live?”

And the most important thing of all, the girl knows that for her to really appreciate her butterfly’s beauty is to let it fly – it is only when she observes him from a distant will she ever fully behold his beautiful nature.

Look good from on the ground.”

“So go on and fly then boy.”

The girl also tells us how to really care and how to show love to butterflies; first, give them the space that they need, and, second, be there when they need you the most.

“You say the word
You know I will find you.
Or if you need some time
I don’t mind.”

I wish I’d learn how to sleep with butterflies.


Photo Survey (From Tikoy)

*** I got this from Tikoy. Just found it interesting so I gave it a try. Ü

  • Answer the questions below.
  • Take each answer and type it into Google.
  • Take a picture from the first page of results and post.
  • You can’t copy the answers of the person who posted this before you.
1. The age I will be this coming birthday. 22
2. A place I’d like to travel or go to. Palawan
3. My favorite place. Movie Theater
4. My favorite food. Choco Mucho (been very crazy with this lately)

5. My favorite animal. Fish

6. My favorite color. Green and Orange

7. First name of my significant other. I’m single :p
8. The town/city on which you live/grew up. San Francisco, Agusan del Sur
9. My screen/nickname. Wa

10. My first job. Tutor

11. My bad habit. Laziness

12. My worst fear. Failure

A Tribute To Janina Part II

Another mix from DJ Dense Modesto.  Still about Ms. San Miguel.  This one is featuring Ms. Ruffa Gutierrez and her reaction when asked about Ms. San Miguel’s mishap.  Aw, it’s catchy, nakaka-LSS.  “Beauty, beauty with a purpose.  Beauty, beauty with a purpose”  This can be a good dance mix, if ever some producer will pick it up and release it as a single. hehe

A Tribute To Janina Part I

An interesting mix from DJ Dense Modesto. Featuring Ms. World 2008, Janina San Miguel. It’s a video mix (or whatever its called) of clips from the coronation night of Bb Pilipinas 2008 – the controversial answer of Ms. San Miguel.Hey c’mon. It really is a Tuff Ten. haha

Light Play (The Second Burst)


I did this set last March 8. But it was only this afternoon that I found “free time” to edit them. For those who haven’t seen the first burst, click here to view it.

I have to thank my roomie EJ for this. I used his little light-emitting somethings for this (and I didn’t ask permission beforehand, hehe. But I told him naman after. Ü)

It was fun doing this. Although the lights are a little bright than I wanted them to be, it still produced quite an awesome set. Enjoy! Ü

Check the complete set at Ü

A Civil Action

I wrote this review for an optional submission for my CE 197.  The subject is about the technical aspects of groundwater contamination.  However, the review that I wrote tackles more of the creative aspects of the moive.  Our teacher said we could write anything about the movie, that’s why.  Haha

The movie, based on a true story, is about Jan Schlichtmann, a lawyer listed as one of Boston’s most eligible bachelors, and his fall. Contrary to what I expected, the movie didn’t really center on the groundwater contamination issue, instead it revolved around Schlichtmann’s character as he took on the case involving drinking water contamination filed against two companies – J. Riley Leather Co. and Grace Corp.

Initially, Schlichtmann took on the case just for the money. But eventually, his heart softened as he was attached to the children who have leukemia and those who died with it. The leukemia “outbreak” in the children of New England was said caused by the Trichloroethylene (TCE) contamination of the water source of this town.

Now, about the movie – it was a bore. I’ve seen a lot of legal drama, a lot of them is good actually, but this one is probably the stalest; it lacked conflict (well, there was conflict, but it seemed forced to me), it lacked interesting characters and, most horrible of all, it lacked direction (I didn’t know if the producers want it to be a legal drama, a bio-flick, or pro-environment movie not until the latter part of the movie).

I didn’t like the lighting. The script was so-so. The cinematography was terrible. Musical score was not effective. And the actors, their performances were not outstanding (I’d even say that John Travolta, himself, was confused with the character that he is playing).

iSing (March 7)


iSing was an event of Sigma Delta Phi held last March 7, 2008 as part of their 75th anniversary celebration.  iSing is a videoke singing contest.  It was hosted by Rico Robles (na di ko na gusto after ng event, ang yabang ampf) and Cristy kasi co-presented ng RX.

Ayun, may entry ang AGGRE, si Meimei.  So, support naman kami kasi 50% ng score ay ang ingay na magagawa ng audience (na ni-measure ng decibel meter). ampf

Also part of the program was a set from Sugarfree, Hemp Republic(?) and the Dawn.  hehe. enjoy naman kahit di nanalo si Meimei (ampf kasi ang binigay ng piece ng judge sa kanya).

Sa mga mag-ga-grab, paki-link sa page ko ha? hehe Ü

Visit for complete set. Ü

Interesting Stumbles

Yesterday, I rediscovered the joy of stumbling. Ü

Since the wifi connection in my room is pretty stable, and since I was again procrastinating, I revisited and I rediscovered why I was hooked with it for some time before. Here are some of the interesting stumbles that I found.

Doodles, etc.

Scribbler – First, you have to draw lines (random or not), and then, let the program scribble on your drawing. The result is an interesting art. Ü

Picasso – With this site, you can create your own Picasso.

Paint – Just move the pointer of the mouse over the page and you can create doodles – beautiful paintbrush strokes the size and color of which you can vary, and it even blots.

Typorganism – Ever wonder how people create images out of keyboard characters, this site will help you create one.

On Drugs And Other Addictions

Mouse – See how common addictive drugs affect our system illustrated through mice.

Spider – See how a spider weaves its web when it is high.

Shoelace – Tired of your shoelace, here’s 30 patterns from which you can choose from if ever you decide to change how you tie your shoelace.

Rotor House – An innovative design for a bachelor pad.

Writer’s Block – You’ll never have a writer’s block again with the help of this site

Quotes – Get quotes about friendship, life, success, and other topics here.

Music – An interesting music created by mixing pretty ordinary sounds.

It Ended With A Bang (And Fire Play)


Fireworks after ng Komedya.  Aw, this is my first try to capture fireworks display.  Aw, meron pang water droplet (kasi may konting spray that night) ang lens, huhu.  Sana di nyo mahalata ang dumi, hehe.

Anyway, kelangan pala talaga ng tripod sa ganito, andaming nasayang na shots kasi sobrang pangit ang labas, masyadong blurred.  Kung pansin nyo, shaky din ang iba dito, pero mapagtatyagaan na rin. hehe

Ang saya ng fireworks, mga 10-15mins tumagal.  Every Friday ng Feb, pagkatapos ng isang Komedya, meron fireworks.  Ang yaman naman ng UP.  Balak atang may fireworks every month.  haha

Visit for complete set. Ü

Half Empty (Photo Essay)

*** This is my first, so forgive the roughness.  Yeah, I know, cornball. hehe


I learned about photo essays from someone in my network.  That was a long long time ago pa.  I only had a chance to make one last Sunday, I didn’t have much to do.

Actually, I still have some fireworks photos to edit, but then, nakakatamad ang photoshop. hehe.  200+ photos (to be posted soon) nakuha ko sa fireworks display that ended the month long “Komedya” celebration ng UP, at di ko pa napagpilian, so gumawa na lang muna ako ng photo essay. hehe

About the photo essay, this is one of my emo moments. ampf.  So, to all emos out there, Wawen is ❤ haha toink

Visit for complete set. Ü

8 Out Of 80 Aint Bad (Post-Oscars Rant)

I happened to catch the Academy Awards on ABS-CBN last week – and again last Sunday.  For the benefit of those who haven’t seen the 80th Oscars, it had tributes to past winners all over the program – for the past Best Supporting Actor and Actress, for Best Actor and Actress, Best Director, and lastly for Best Picture (it even had a tribute for “Binoculars and Periscopes” and “Nightmares” haha).

The video clip for the tribute to the past Best Picture winners included all the past winners since 1927.  And while they were at it, I counted the Best Pictures that I’ve already seen.  Sadly, I only counted eight, and these are

West Side Story

The Sound of Music



A Beautiful Mind


The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

The Departed

I didn’t include Shakespeare in Love, Titanic, and Forrest Gump in my count since I really didn’t finish them – Titanic had sex scenes so it’s off limits to us kids back then, also, I only caught Shakespeare in Love and Forrest Gump on cable TV and if it’s cable, you really can’t stay on a single channel.

Interestingly, 50% of them are musicals, primarily because my parents only allowed this genre, along with cartoons, to be shown in our house when we were young.

My new goal in life?  To watch as much, if not all, Oscars Best Pictures – and I’ll start with Million Dollar Baby that will shown on Studio 23 this Saturday. Ü

Hating The Irony Of Loving

You have to set the one you love free for them to be totally yours.

The tighter you hold on to someone, the possibility of losing her increases.

You only realize how much you love someone when she’s already gone.

Silence speaks more than words.

Becoming “one” means growing more as individuals.

^ ^

The Spiderwick Chronicles

The other day’s (Feb 28’s) was one of the lazy afternoons I’ve been having lately. So I texted a friend, a movie buddy, just to say hi. And he replied that their classes was just suspended because of J Lo (not the popstar, I’m talking about the rockstar, Jun Lozada. haha. para kasing rockstar na may campus tour :p). And what would movie buffs do to kill one painful afternoon? Yes, you guessed right, we dined out (don’t tell me you did’t figure that out haha).The original plan was to watch Jumper. However, I read several bad reviews about the movie and my buddy also did. So there was no argument that we won’t be watching it anymore. Instead, we opt to watch The Spiderwick Chronicles since we’ve read good reviews about it. We watched it at a cinema in The Block, SM North EDSA since it’s not shown in Trinoma yet (ampf, and to my dismay, it actually costs more in The Block).

Anyway, about the movie… I liked it. It brought back the child in me (I never grew up I guess, hehe). It has a unique touch to it that separates it from any other fantasy movies I’ve seen so far. Maybe because the movie was based on a good book by Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi who introduced such interesting characters. Or maybe because the movie can boast of a very unique visuals and CGIs.

The story was very captivating; there was never a dull moment in almost an hour and a half of fun and suspense. It was full of interesting twists and a very unique didn’t-see-it-coming climax. And witty humor adds flavor to the well written script.

However, the movie fails in its acting department. Although I would commend Freddie Highmore for giving a distinct characterization for both the Grace twins. But all in all, the movie is good enough to make you believe in the world of fairies, ogres and goblins all over again. A movie for kids and kids at heart alike.

W, W, W, Dot – From Paul

***Copied this from Paul:

Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following. They have to be real places, names, and things. Nothing made up! Try to use different answers if the person who answered the survey before you had the same initial letter. You CAN’T use your name for the boy/girl name question.

1.Your name: Warren

2.Four words: Wicked, Wise, Weird, Wacky :p

3.State/country:  Wisconsin

4.Boy Name: Wally 

5.Girl Name: Winona

6.Occupation:  Wrestler

7.Word that describes you the best: Willy :p

8.Something you can wear: Washed jeans

9.Something found in a kitchen: Worcestershire sauce

11.Something you shout: WOW!

12.Something you do at school: Whine

13.Name of a friend: Wowee? Dog namin dati na nakaka-trauma. ampf

14.Name of an animal: Whale

15.Name of a drink: Water hahaha.  Whisky na lang pala.

16.Name of a holiday: Winter break? haha. World AIDS Day? ampf

17.Name of a subject in school:  Water Resource Engineering, World Literature

18.Name of a cousin: Wala talaga :p

19.Name of a fast food chain:  Wendy’s hahaha, natawa talaga kami ng roommate ko.

20.Name of a person you’re crushing or had a crush on: Wala rin :p

21.Name of a food you like: Wrap-around, hotdog na binalot ng bacon

22.Name of a food you do not like: Watermelon na mapakla. haha, W pa rin yan

23.Name of a kid’s toy: Water gun. yahoo, saya ng W, water, world, very universal. haha

24.Name of a flowering plant: Waling-waling. Aw, may nakakaalam ba nun? hehe

25.Name of a shopping mall:  West, SM – other name ng North Edsa, SM. haha

26.Name of a person you like: Wala. Wala masyadong “W” na tao sa buhay ko.

27.Name of a person you dislike:  Wala.  Aw, ang kulit.

28.Name of a place in your school: Waiting Area

29.Name of an object in front of you:  Wax

30.Name of an electronic device: Walkman Phone :p

31.Name of a color: White?

32.Name of a tourist spot: Waterfalls

33.Name of your classmate: Warren.  Meron talaga, a batch higher nga lang.

34.Brand of a car: WolksVagen. hahaha

36.Name of a candy: White Chocolate

37.Name of a book: World Almanac

38.Name of a cellphone brand: Wony Ericsson. haha. Wodafone, haha ung japanese

39.Name of a sickness: Weariness. haha.  Waardenburg syndrome type 1, 2,  2A, 2B, 3, 4 sabi ng Wiki.

40.Name of a kind of fish: White salmon – haha

41. Make a sentence with at least 6 words starting with your first letter name only.
Why would Wally wrestle with Winona? haha nice nice

Negativism: Sa Mata Ng Isang Fence-Sitter (Para Sa UP, ADMU, DLSU, UST)

Unang nag-ingay ang mga taga-La Salle pagkatapos lumantad ni Lozada. Sa kanila napadpad si Lozada at kanyang pamilya after a turn of unfortunate events. The way I see it, papogi lang ng mga taga-La Salle ang pag-iingay; magandang publicity rin kasi to sa kanilang pamantasan.

Sumunod na nag-ingay ang mga taga-Ateneo. Syempre, di sila papatalo sa kanilang rival university. At, sumunod na rin ang UST, claim nila sa kanila daw kasi graduate si Lozada.

Ayon, parang ang gandang pakinggan noh na nag-iingay ang mga unibersidad, na may pakialam ang mga kabataan? Pero, meron bang naidudulot na maganda ang mga pag-iingay na ito?

I mean, kung seryoso ang mga unibersidad na ito sa pagko-condemn ng corruption, they should start within their system. Seriously, overpriced tuition fees? Dahil dun, fini-feed nila ang kahirapan – kasi nga di makapag-aral ang mga mahihirap.  I know, trabaho yun ng gobyerno, pero ang mga unibersidad na ito kasi against corruption, so kung seryoso sila dito, they must be part of the solution – gamutin nila ang ugat ng kahirapan.

Isa pa, di ba nanggaling naman sa mga unibersidad na ito (UP included) )ang mga “oligarchs.”  Kung seryoso talaga ang drive ng mga unibersidad na ito, then hindi sila effective dahil nagbe-breed nga sila ng “oligarchs.”

Ampf.  Sana hindi lang pang-show off ang ginagawang pag-iingay ng mga unibersidad na ito (lalo na sa UP :p).  Sana hindi lang publicity stunt.  Sana hindi lang para maging “in.”  Kung seryoso ang mga unibersidad na ito na labanan ang korupsyon, dapat gawin nilang mas accesible ang binibigay nilang edukasyon sa mga mahihirap, dapat i-instill nila sa mga estudyante nila ang patriotism, pagiging tapat at ang paninindigan na labanan ang korupsyon.

Ang mga pagkilos na ginagawa ng mga unibersidad na ito ay isang pagkukunwari lamang.  Ang itinatawag nilang resignation ni Gloria ay ika nga “isang bandaid para gamutin ang cancer.”  Hindi nga ata nila naiintindihan bakit andun sila sa lansangan eh.  At hinahayaan nilang gamitin sila ng mga puwersang ang nais ay kapangyarihan para sa kanilang mga sarili.

***Aw, wag n’yong masyadong seryosohin.  Haha.  Pero, kung iisipin n’yo, totoo naman, di ba? :p

Blog Visits: Their Places Of Origin

As you may have noticed, I embedded that little counter that is marked “sitemeter” last week (last Feb 18, I guess).  Its job is to keep track of the hits of my page as well as the average time a visitor spends in your page among others.  It also has some interesting features one of them is that it can map the hits by location.

As I checked my sitemeter again earlier, I saw some pretty interesting places where the (last 100) hits are coming from.  And these are:

1.   Singapore
Nigeria – Abuja, Abuja Capital Territory
Germany – Jork, Niedersachsen
Netherlands – Rijswijk, Zuid-Holland
Canada – Victoria, British Columbia
Indonesia – Jayapura, Papua
Netherlands – Eindhoven, Noord-Brabant
United Arab Emirates – Dubai, Dubayy
Mexico – Mexico, Distrito Federal
Indonesia – Jakarta, Jawa Barat
Thailand – Bangkok, Krung Thep
United States
India – Bombay, Maharashtra

So, Africa, Asia, N America and Europe are represented.  That’s pretty okay but pales when compared to the hits of my wordpress account.

1.   Denmark – Vrlse, Kobenhavn
United States – Oceanside, California
United Kingdom
United States – Lowell, Massachusetts
United States – Chicago, Illinois
Austria – Vienna, Wien
United States – Orland Park, Illinois
8.   United States – Los Angeles, California
United States – Brooklyn, New York
India – New Delhi, Delhi
United Arab Emirates – Dubai, Dubayy
Argentina – Lans, Buenos Aires
United States – Gainesville, Florida
United States – Orem, Utah
United States – Richmond, Virginia
16. United States – Tucson, Arizona
Netherlands – Wassenaar, Zuid-Holland
United States – Washington, District of Columbia
19. United States – Los Angeles, California
United Kingdom – Horsham, West Sussex
Norway – Bod, Nordland
Hong Kong – Central District
Netherlands – Ridderkerk, Zuid-Holland
Australia – Sydney, New South Wales
United States – Fombell, Pennsylvania
26. United States – Beverly, Massachusetts
Ireland – Bray, Wicklow
United States – Mead, Washington
United States – Dallas, Texas
United States – Schaumburg, Illinois
India – New Delhi, Delhi
United Kingdom – London, London, City of
33. India – Madras, Tamil Nadu
Poland – Warsaw, Warszawa
Japan – Nakama, Fukuoka
United States – Redwood City, California
United Kingdom – Plymouth.
United Kingdom – Thatcham, Berkshire
Australia – Melbourne, Victoria

For my wordpress account, hits are coming from , Asia, N America, S America, Australia and Europe.  Aw, my wordpress account has a more diverse audience.  However, my multiply account is the one with more daily average visitors. ÜÜ

I’m Tired Of My Now

I’m tired of my blogging and posting,
Of my multiply and wordpress account-tracking.

I’m tired of having a lot of free time and doing nothing
Because I end up spending a lot and not sleeping.

I’m tired of being single.  I’m tired of being rejected.
Of being left alone and being dejected.

I’m tired of hearing calls for Arroyo ouster.
We need serious housecleaning than just booting her.

I’m tired of Erap and his cronies!
What a bunch of phonies!

I’m tired of the civil society, the business sector, the leftist and the religious.
If they’re so smart, why not propose concrete, long-term solutions to issues?

I’m tired of my now.  I’m afraid of my future.
I need to feel assured, I need to feel secure.